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In our society we value the ability to get over things quickly. When something bad happens we immediately say, no it’s ok, don’t worry about me. Especially women (men, I believe aren’t even asked about what is wrong or allowed to go into it. Some don’t want to. I do not understand exactly why, though I can conjecture. While I think that some of this truly is personal preference regarding the way we all deal with trauma and grief differently, there is certainly also a societal standard put on men that is well documented and noted by many.) I have had countless conversations with friends who have expressed frustration with parents and loved ones who want to find the solution so quickly that they forget to take a moment to honour the grief and pain that resides within traumatic experiences. I also like to just get through it, and get to the other side

For me, when I am PMSing, the frustration and grief can become overwhelming. It can make even the slightest imposition or snarky remark feel deeply personal and unpleasant. So, frustrating. Magnesium supplements, I have found, have helped me to chill out a bit with those feelings. I have also tried anti-depressants at times, the right does of the right medication I found did wonders for me when I needed to no longer feel like the world was coming to an end. No matter how much a cajoled myself, be still, Ego, my love, be still. I love you. It is ok, it isn’t just about you. Take a breath, we are going to be ok. Usually this time is evident because of these feelings, double check the calendar and here we are, about four days to go. These are the moments when our practice is tested and utilised, right? The moments when we call upon our strongest highest selves to surmount all the negativity and frustration. But, this week has been one where glazing over the pain and just moving on never seemed to work. Everything went wrong or felt wrong. But, maybe that is actually just right.

After an insane morning that I don’t need to describe because I am sure that you have had one of those mornings where nothing goes right: the dog eats your homework for real. I couldn’t even settle into my own practice. But,I pushed through a practice anyway, mostly floating on the edges of each asana, managed to sit still through a minute of savasana before the devoirs (must dos) pulled me away and back to “adulting.” After putting out a few domestic fires in the afternoon and deciding not to push myself to my physical or emotional limits, I made my way home and decided today I needed to have no where to be.

Finding some quiet space, I gave over to the sounds of youtube in hopes of having someone else lead me into a more fulfilling somatic experience. The barre class began well for me. I got warm, moved, found my psoas, and then about a third of the way through I paused. I had to sit. Be still. My scar tissue was aflame in my pelvis (not with pain but with feeling). Tears were welling up in my eyes. Be still. And so I was. Being in my pelvis, this juncture I have been trying to “fix” for the past two years now after an attempted robbery turned into an assault on the streets of Casablanca. Be still. And so I was. I found the rivers of connective tissue running around and across my sacrum, rolled the bowl of my pelvis across the earth, shifting its contents first north to south then east to west. Tears still pressing to my eyes. And in this moment there was a sigh, not a complete release, but a sigh. There, now. 

Perhaps this is the reason many women become so sensitive and aware of their frustrations at this time before we bleed. Perhaps this is the moment when we get to let go of all those things that are so pent up inside for so many days. The things we just let slide off our backs, the little trespasses and cruel gestures that we “didn’t let get to us”. This time when everything seems so personal and jarring is a gift. A time to turn in and release. In the same way that in autumn the trees allow their leaves to drop to the earth and are bare, vulnerable and focusing internally we prepare and shed and feel all the raw feelings that didn’t leave with a hopeful exhalation. This is our autumn as women. You are a deciduous beast, and now it is time for you to to prepare to shed what is not needed. So, this dreadful PMS or PMDD, should you be one who experiences such things, can serve you. Can be a time for you to be with you. To take care of you. To cry or rage and scream because things are not ok sometimes. This time is a tool to let go of those poisonous things that threaten you. Use it to your health instead of being fooled into thinking it is a sign of your own weakness.

L’implication bénévole, le don de soi et la générosité

It was super exciting to work with these kids, I am going to miss them. Thanks, Beatrice, for the lovely article.

Un air de coopération

Voilà un titre bien long pour un billet, mais il représente vraiment ce dont j’aimerais parler et j’espère, au travers de ces quelques lignes vous interpeller.

Le premier jour où je suis allée à mon cours de Darija (arabe dialectal), j’ai rencontré deux jeunes femmes, Barbara, Italienne et Kayla, Américaine. Je crois que cela a pris 15 mn et déjà toutes deux désiraient faire quelque chose pour les enfants pris en charge par Bayti. Malheureusement, Barbara a dû repartir en Italie quelques temps après et son désir d’aider n’a pas pu se concrétiser, du moins ici au Maroc.

Kayla est professeure de Yoga et l’enseigne à Casablanca, je vous invite d’ailleurs à la suivre sur sa page Facebook ou son compte Instagram. Très rapidement, elle a commencé à me parler d’un projet (il est encore trop tôt pour en parler ici) que j’adorerais voir se concrétiser, mais aussi de…

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Tales of A Yogini in the kitchen: Fancy Tuna Rice

Fancy Tuna Rice

Photo on 4-1-16 at 10.50 PM 2

Tuna Rice is one of the goto meals in our house, one that I didn’t become acquainted with until I moved to Morocco. It is a great quick and easy meal that is cheap, filling and healthy. This tuna rice has a few additions I stumbled on this evening as I was attempting to bulk up our dinner without going to the grocery store. There isn’t a picture because, well….we ate it before I thought about writing this and I added others that are normally in the rice that I didn’t happen to have this evening. I really like things that have a zing and a kick, so this has both.


Traditional Ingredients:

1 cup of uncooked brown rice

1 cup of water (for soaking the rice)

5 cups of water (for cooking rice)


2 cans of dolphin friendly tuna (whatever kind you like!!!)

2 roma tomatoes, diced

½ of a small onion (or more if you like) you can also use green onions, I then used just 2 inches of the stalk

½ cup nice green olives – ideally pitted and chopped

1 tsp of Black pepper

1 tsp of Salt

a splash of olive oil

A handful of fresh cilantro, chopped fine


Not so traditional aka FANCY ingredients:

1 tbsp dried rosemary

Pinch of cayenne pepper

2 tbsp lemon juice or try slices of preserved lemon slices if you are feeling fancy and/or Vinagre of choice (to season)

1 tsp of ground cumin

1 tsp of ground ginger

25 grams of Bleu Cheese, crumbled



Follow the directions for cooking the brown rice. For me, it was to wash the brown rice with water to rinse off the extra starch, soak for one hour in water then boil uncovered for about 40 mins in 5 cups of water.


Drain excess oil from tuna, mix in with the rice. That is what you do with all the rest of the ingredients: onion, tomatoes, olives, pepper, salt, olive oil, rosemary, vinagre/lemon juice/citron confit (preserved lemon), cumin, ground ginger. Then, garnish with crumbled bleu cheese and cilantro and serve. YUM! I am not even a fan of canned tuna and I like this.

Upcoming Events in Casablanca

I have to make a bittersweet announcement. Marouane and I have decided to move to the USA for a few years. This is the best choice for our family at the moment. We plan on being here through the end of May. I will miss you all so much, and for sure we will be back to visit family, to workshops, and eventually to live. Before that happens though, I am planning some very special events to share with you. I would love to really take advantage of the time I have left here. So much love to you, Casablanca Yogis and Yoginis! Lets rock out on our mats this spring!

Build a home Practice – This is one of the greatest gifts a yogi(ni) could give him or herself. Own your practice. Class is amazing, but feeling like you can practice anywhere is so important. In this special event, we will focus on the ways to cultivate a safe and fulfilling home practice and create a space for continuing inspiration.

AcroYoga JAMS- We can’t fit one in March so we will do 2 in April! You know, come play with me 🙂


Happy, healthy, free.

Love, Kayla, Sahaja Soma

Lunar Flow with Shiva Rea

Shiva Rea is such an inspirational yoga teacher. This flow is not too rigorous. It flows with beauty and feels lovely in the hips and heart. My recommendations: make sure you take the time to enjoy the spinal articulation as you roll down to the earth. Be aware of the length of the spine and head/tail connection. Also, when you come up in cobra, it is probably best to keep your elbows slightly bent. She straightens hers at the peak of cobra, be safe. Listen to your body. 🙂 Breathe and enjoy!


Awakening Flow

Super excited to announce the final workshop in the chakra journaling series. Join us at Yogablanca on March 19th for Awakening Flow. We will use asana and meditation to activate Ajna chakra and Sahasrara chakra. The third eye is connected to wisdom and intution, the crown is connected to opening to the divine. Bring your journal and a pen. 🌀❤️🌀 Kayla, SahajaSoma