Lunar Flow with Shiva Rea

Shiva Rea is such an inspirational yoga teacher. This flow is not too rigorous. It flows with beauty and feels lovely in the hips and heart. My recommendations: make sure you take the time to enjoy the spinal articulation as you roll down to the earth. Be aware of the length of the spine and head/tail connection. Also, when you come up in cobra, it is probably best to keep your elbows slightly bent. She straightens hers at the peak of cobra, be safe. Listen to your body. 🙂 Breathe and enjoy!



Good Morning Vinyasa Flow (English/Français)

I head back to the states for about a month next week. This weekend, I won’t have much if any wifi, so I am posting this mini practice for folks while I am still riding the wave of inspiration.

So if miss our classes in Casa while I am away or you are away or the studio is closed because it’s Eid, or you just like yoga here you go!  I think anyone can enjoy this flow.

Please be aware of your breath, this can be done with ujai pranayama or simply with deep full breaths. If you have ever taken a class with me you know this is one my favorite ways to begin. This sequence is warming and not too rigorous. The sequence is designed to stimulate the central nervous system, bring coordination and harmony to the core and a full awareness of the body in space. Make sure you do both sides 😉 enjoy!


Commencez dans le posture de l’enfant. Laissez le front au sol , les anches aux talons. Créez votre intention ici et respirez profondement. Lachez tous ce dont vous n’avez pas besoin. Quand vous vous resentez complete, ramenez les hanches en haut des genoux, les epaules en haut des poigners.

Begin in child’s pose, seated on the knees hips resting on your heels or a rolled up blanket if you find it uncomfortable to sit all the way down. Allow your head to drop to your knees. The spine lengthens across the thighs. Feel the gentle traction of gravity as your hips and forehead sink down to the floor in opposite directions. Become aware of your breath. Slowly allowing the inhales to deepen and the exhales to be more complete. Relax the muscles of the face and the throat, be at ease here.

Set your intention before you begin, weather you wish to cultivate a healing quality in your life, or there is someone on your heart. Dedicate your practice to this intention.

When you are ready inhale and come to a table top position. The shoulders are over the writs and knees are under the hips joints. Feel the length of the spine between the crown of the head to the tail. Allow the energy of the central channel to continue in both directions beyond the physical body.



Expirez, arrondissez le dos, nombril ver les lombaires. Inspirez regardez vers l’avant la queue derriere le dos en extension.

Exhale, round the spine, gaze towards the navel curling the tail into the center as well. With your inhale, gaze forward, opening the spine with the sits bones opening upwards (happy butts 😉 ). Continue with this cycle 5 more times.

Cat/Cow Variation


Avec votre inspiration, ramenez le pied droit derrière, et la main gauche devant. Cherchez loin avec ces deux points opposés. Trouvez le connexion entre haut, bas, droit et gauche du corps, lié vers le nombril. Expirez puis ramenez le coude et le genou en bas. Activez les ab-dos et poussez le nombril vers le bas du dos. Continuez avec ce cycle 5 fois.

Inhale the right heel back and the left hand forward, creating oppositional energy between the top and bottom halves of the body and the right and the left side. Connect these two energies through the belly button. As you exhale, draw the left elbow and the right knee to center. Exhale and Inhale deeply as you continue with 5 more cycles of this cat/cow variation.

In this pict, my hand is a little forward of my shoulder, please make sure your hand is under the shoulder.

Three Legged Downward Facing Dog

Expirez et remplacez la main gauche au sol, maintenez le talon droit loin. En inspirant, poussez avec les mains contre le sol et poussez la jambe droite dans l’air, la tête en bas. Avec votre expiration, activez les abdos et ramenez le genou droit vers le poitrine, les épaules en haut des poigners et placez le pied entre les mains pour la fente.

Exhale the left hand to the floor, right leg still extended. Inhale , press both hands to the floor and send the right foot up to the sky for one legged down dog. On your next exhale, engage your center, bring your right knee to your chest and place the foot between the hands for a lunge.


Inhale and lengthen through the spine, finding energy from the crown to the tail and the length of the left leg. Anchor the right foot into the earth.

À la fente, activez la longue de la jambe gauche, ancre le pied droite au sol. Mettez plus d'espace entre les arrachis, activez l'enérgie entre la crâne et la cueue.

À la fente, activez la longue de la jambe gauche, ancre le pied droite au sol. Mettez plus d’espace entre les arrachis, activez l’enérgie entre la crâne et la cueue.


Inhale and bring the arms overhead, lengthen the spine out of the pelvis. Bring the belly to the lower back to support the spine. If you wish, you can reach back and open the heart for a spinal extension.

Inspirez, ramenez le bras en haut de la tête, montez la colonne vertebrale du basin. Mettez le nombril ver les lombaires pour soutenir le dos. Si vous voulez vous pouvez aussi ouvrir le coeur et mettez le dos en extension. Respirez ici deux fois.


Expirez, ramenez la main gauche à côté du pied droit. Levez la main droite vers le ciel et regardez vers les doigts. Grandissez toujours le longue du colonne vertebral. Gardez aussi l’énergie dans le talon gauche. Ouvrez le frontière de la poitrine et ramenez les omoplates vers le centre du dos. Restez ici trois bons respirations. Déposez la main droite au sol, et vinyasa.

Twisted lunge

Exhale, bring the left hand down to the the inside of the right foot, lift the right arm to the sky and gaze towards the right finger tips. Create space across the chest. Breath from the crown of the head to the tail. Knit the shoulder blades together. After 3 breath cycles here, bring the right hand down to the outside of the right foot, replace the right foot next to the left and Vinyasa.

inspirez chien tête en haut, expirez chien tête en bas. Restez ici pendant cinq respirations. Déposez les genoux au sol et recommencez dès le début. To end, return to child’s pose, take some deep breaths here. Have a great day!!!!! Namaste.\

Plank or knees, chest and chin to the floor, inhale, rise to up dog, exhale downward facing dog. Repeat the whole cycle to the other side ending in down dog. From here you can continue your practice, or go about your day. Savasana is always a good idea after practice. It is the most crucial yoga pose. Take a moment, lie on your back, close your eyes and rest.

Have a great rest of you day!!!!!!

May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be free from all suffering. May you share your gifts with the world, and may you know your true self in this lifetime.

Kayla Ankeny, SahajaSoma

*Vinyasa Yoga * Aerial Yoga * Acro Yoga JAMbassador * Dance * Therapeutic Massage* World Music * Capoeira*

For your listening pleasure….

listeningA bunch of students have asked me to share my yoga and pilates playlists with them so here are two of the ones I use the most frequently. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Vinyasa


Kayla Ankeny, SahajaSoma

*Vinyasa Yoga * Aerial Yoga * Acro Yoga JAMbassador * Dance * Therapeutic Massage* World Music * Capoeira*