We were never meant to do this alone…

Once, when I was in college I thought I was going to drown. The world tumbled on top of me, memeories of past traumas were seeping into the cracks of my carefully constructed present self and nothing felt right. It was hard to eat, impossible to sleep, and I didn’t even know where to begin to heal. I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. I fought hard and tried to maintain the appearance of stability, but that was totally and utterly futile. One day, after a dance class, my professor came to and said “we were never meant to do this alone.” It was something a close friend had said to her in a time of great need. Something inside of me finally shattered. This idea that I had to be enough all the time by myself. That I had to be so self sufficient that I don’t need anyone to support me in any way.

we were never meant to do this alone.

That is why I teach. That is why I began to open my practice to being with others, and then began to offer what excites me and what little I have gleaned to anyone who is as hungry for wonder and transformation as I am. Thankyou for being a part of that.

May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be free from all suffering. May you share your gifts with the world, and may you know your true self in this lifetime.


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