Class updates for Fall 2016 in Philadelphia


My yoga practice began when I was 14. I found a VHS on the shelf and my mom’s yoga mat and started practicing. Soon I was practicing every day. In 2009 I became a 200 hour RYT. I am a vinyasa yoga teacher, and I have been teaching ever since. First in Philadelphia and for the past 3 years in Casablanca, Morocco. I teach Vinyasa Yoga, AIR Yogalates (Aerial Yoga), lead AcroYoga JAMs and am a Pilates apprentice at Drexel Pilates. I hold a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Dance (2012), and am a Licensed Massage Therapist*. I moved back from Morocco in May of 2016 my husband and cat. In my group classes I offer creative sequences built with the logic of traditional hatha yoga practice. I love to use play and flow as well as proper alignment and draw from many sources to inspire the practice. Check out my facebook and instagram to find out more about my group classes and adventures!


Pilates and Yoga Privates!!!!!!!


Cultivate your yoga practice

My teaching is deeply rooted in my own practice and study of Ashtanga based Vinyasa yoga as well as other somatic forms. Vinyasa uses a steady breath cycle that calms the mind and helps the student to focus on the present moment. The flow increases circulation and adds a cardiovascular element that purifies the body. The sequences of poses increase flexability and strength.

In private sessions we can explore the aspect of practice that you want. Weather that is stress relief, a chronic pain, or soul searching. Your yoga belongs to you, it is dependent on no one else, and my deepest wish is to facilitate your exploration of your own personal yoga practice. Yoga is a transformative and healing journey.


Private mat Pilates in your home

Pilates is a method of training the body using a series of excercises utilizing concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing to strengthen, streatch and align the body. Pilates one on one allows you to unwind an realign your unique body. The process is therapeutic and rewarding. These lessons can be tailored to pretty much anyone, because they are made to suit anybody at any fitness level, age and ability.

In Morocco I taught Pilates (due to a lack of qualified teachers and a great interest) for 3 years. I am now formalising my teacher training at Drexel Pilates. In studying Pilates I found alignment, a sense of center, strength and healing. I use my knowlege as a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher, dancer and pilates apprentice to support you in your somatic explorations.