Upcoming Events in Casablanca

I have to make a bittersweet announcement. Marouane and I have decided to move to the USA for a few years. This is the best choice for our family at the moment. We plan on being here through the end of May. I will miss you all so much, and for sure we will be back to visit family, to workshops, and eventually to live. Before that happens though, I am planning some very special events to share with you. I would love to really take advantage of the time I have left here. So much love to you, Casablanca Yogis and Yoginis! Lets rock out on our mats this spring!

Build a home Practice – This is one of the greatest gifts a yogi(ni) could give him or herself. Own your practice. Class is amazing, but feeling like you can practice anywhere is so important. In this special event, we will focus on the ways to cultivate a safe and fulfilling home practice and create a space for continuing inspiration.

AcroYoga JAMS- We can’t fit one in March so we will do 2 in April! You know, come play with me 🙂


Happy, healthy, free.

Love, Kayla, Sahaja Soma