How to play well with others…


You may not think that what we do is revolutionary or an act of resistance. Play, fun, yoga, flight they are so simple, so personal. You may not realize it, just as we don’t think about it…but the base in this picture is Muslim and the flier in this picture is Christian. We are both yoga teachers. We most likely don’t agree on everything, but we do agree on the important things. We also don’t go home and bash the other behind her back for her beliefs or ideas. I have been so dismayed by the acts and words of hate and cruelty in my home country and all over the world. The acts of violence against Muslims in retaliation for real and perceived acts of violence against others. The thing is, we do and can have an affect on the stupidity and hate that is so insidious in this world, even if it is just in ourselves amongst our friends and in our communities. So, here is to hope and connection and play. #jambassadors#acroyogajam #acroyoga #aylifestyle#casablancalifestyle #yogamaroc #yogalife #yogini#travelingyogini #hijabiyogini


2 thoughts on “How to play well with others…

  1. Josie says:

    Thanks TSD, It’s good to know there are other Araninmis out there. Great blog you have going. If you don’t mind, I will add a link to your site. I plan on reading more and I may chime in from time to time.God be with you,Dan

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