This Saturday! AcroYoga Jam in Casablanca


I am so excited and honored to host the first AcroYoga JAM in Casablanca, Morocco!!!!! The Jam is fully booked, but I can’t wait to share with you the outcome of our event! We are planning to hold the second Jam in November. More information on that to come. Here is the link to the event page. I want to extend a special thank you to Melinda Erickson and Nada Mehdi of Yogablanca as well as Jerome Famechon for making this event possible. Let’s continue to build the community through connection and play! The class will be in French primarily and also translated into English, hopefully in Arabic too soon. Click here for more information concerning AcroYoga! Wow this is the hyper link post of hyper link posts lol.

Also, happy Islamic New Year! Hope you folks in Casa enjoyed your day off, you deserve it.

Kayla Ankeny, SahajaSoma


One thought on “This Saturday! AcroYoga Jam in Casablanca

  1. Della says:

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