Play with media and hammock” target=”_blank”>Check out the video!IMG_5112

Before I left Om I did some play on the hammock. I have figured out that if I take a movie of myself on my iPhone I can take stills of the movie and it is like a mini photo shoot when I don’t have someone to hold a camera, which is most of the time. That way I can document sequences as I was trying to do here, so I wouldn’t forget what I had made. The camera angle wasn’t great for everything, but I set it to music on Magisto and it turned out kind of cool. Teachers who need media for spreading the word, I think this works pretty well. I wish I had had a hair tie that day, sorry for the dramatic hair flips and some awkward transitions.

Kayla Ankeny, SahajaSoma

*Vinyasa Yoga * Aerial Yoga * Acro Yoga JAMbassador * Dance * Therapeutic Massage* World Music * Capoeira*


2 thoughts on “Play with media and hammock

  1. Marge says:

    The National Gallery i actually think lela star is a really betfiauul girl. but i hate when she starts riding and she almost sounds like shes in pain.

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